With all the chatter surrounding the forthcoming E! banger Rob & Chyna, you'd be forgiven for not having spent an equal amount of time katching up on the latest in Kendall Jenner news. The 20-year-old model made serious waves with her Vogue cover in early August, revealing in the accompanying interview that she's always felt "super different" from her Kardashian brethren. During a Jimmy Kimmel Live! chat Wednesday, Kendall elaborated a bit more on her relationship with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner royal fam.

"This I actually really wanted to keep a secret from everyone," Kendall told Jimmy Kimmel of her big Vogue moment. "I think my mom was the only one who knew, and I slipped up on Kim. I told Kim. Just because I wanted it to be a surprise for not only everyone, but also my family. I just wanted it to be, like, super special." But Kendall doesn't blame the press or the fam when would-be secrets make it to the headlines before they make it to the group chat.

"You can't really blame everyone," Kendall said. "There's so many of us. Sometimes you want it to be more personal and you don't want to just send it in a group chat, whatever's happening in the news or whatever, so I think that it's hard for everyone to get to every single family member." When Jimmy joked about her wishing there were "fewer Kardashians," she said she loves "having a big family" but admitted it "can be a lot" sometimes.

The two had much to discuss, as Kendall recently moved into Jimmy's neighborhood. "You recently moved in directly across the street," Jimmy said. "You haven't visited yet!" Kendall added that she was "really offended" she hadn't been invited over yet, citing Jimmy's alleged chef mastery. "Our neighbors were up in arms when you moved onto the block," Jimmy added. "There was a whole thing with emails that went on. You have caused quite a commotion."

Kendall apologized for the ruckus. "It's actually so strange," she said. "When I moved in, my mom was super nervous about me moving into a home by myself or whatever, and I was like, you know what? It's okay because Jimmy Kimmel lives right across the street! I don't know him but maybe if anything ever happens, he'll save my life."