John Oliver had a mountain of nonsense to work through on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, thanks in full to a week practically bursting at the seams with stories seemingly too preposterous to be true. In addition to publicly pleading for Donald Trump to just hurry up and drop out of the presidential race already, Oliver also managed to squeeze in a few minutes on 12-time Olympic medalist and alleged public urinator Ryan Lochte.

After paying quick tribute to the horse that properly grooved to Santana and Rob Thomas's "Smooth" at this year's games, Oliver hit us with a very Oliver take on the ongoing Lochte scandal. "People are right to be angry here because Lochte's behavior wasn't just shitty and entitled, he's also ruined himself for us," he said. "4 years ago, he was America's favorite sweet, dumb merman. The fact that Lochte is a total asshole isn't remotely surprising, it's just that it makes him a lot less fun now."

But Oliver didn't come with just a bunch of words. He also came prepared with a tongue-in-cheek memoriam reel. "As we say goodbye to the Rio Olympics, sadly, we must also say farewell to one of America's favorite idiots," Oliver said before unveiling his tribute to "America's Idiot Sea Cow." A touching and emotional sendoff, no question.

Thankfully, the Lochte mess has given us a very special Al Roker moment for our troubles. Never cared much for the Roker vibes prior to 2016? Understandable. Now peep this and see if you might reconsider your lack of Roker fandom, thanks (indirectly) to Lochte's scandal: