A lot of cooler things have happened this past Olympics than Ryan Lochte lying about getting robbed. But that's been the biggest story thus far, with it coming to a head on Saturday night in an embarrassing scenario where he was dressed down by Matt freaking Lauer of all people.

Now, even though the Olympic ceremonies have concluded, and you can go back to ignoring swimming for four years, the scornful public eye is unlikely to leave Lochte any time soon as his lies have likely cost him a buttload of endorsement money. The first domino in that chain fell on (or around) Sunday afternoon as Ralph Lauren apparently scrubbed him from the "Meet Our Athletes" page on their website (though they still have him on there as a model for a number of things if you care enough to scroll down):

Previously Ralph Lauren had said they were "working closely with the USOC" in regards to the absurd situation Lochte inexplicably brought upon himself.

Additionally Speedo is also said to be "distancing itself" from the six-time gold medal winner, meaning he'll likely need to don another skin-tight suit around his bulge if he wishes to compete in the 2020 games in Tokyo (which he seemed intent upon doing in his final sports related interview).

We expect more developments (and fallout) surrounding Lochte in the days and weeks to come, and we will be sure to keep you updated if/when it happens.

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