On this day, Al Roker became legendary.

During Friday's taping of the Today show, #LochteGate was discussed, and Roker clearly had some things to get out of his neck of the woods. "He lied. He lied to you. He lied to Matt Lauer. He lied to his mom," Roker told Billy Bush. "He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled." Bush tried interjecting, claiming Lochte embellished his account of the incident, but Al wasn't having any of it. "There was no robbery. There was no pull over. There was nothing. Nobody cocked a gun to his head. He lied."

Then, Bush told Roker to "calm down." Why did you say that Billy? As Bush and Natalie Morales debated their respective stances on the Lochte story, a frustrated Al stirred his drink. 

It was the move all of Twitter fell in love and identified with. 

Drink stirring aside, Twitter also respected Roker for keeping it 100 when...other people...were trying to give Lochte a pass.  

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