By far the biggest and most promising news to come out of Alcon Entertainment's forthcoming Blade Runner sequel is that OG star Harrison Ford is stepping back into everyone's favorite dystopian view of Los Angeles as ex-cop Rick Deckard. If not that, then the addition of Robin Wright is an inarguably good sign for the sequel set decades after the events of Ridley Scott's 1982 classic. Now, fresh off a wave of increasingly compelling Suicide Squad press, Jared Leto has been added to the cast in a mysterious "key role" capacity.

"We are thrilled that Jared has agreed to play a key role in the Blade Runner sequel," Alcon co-founders Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson said in a press release Thursday. "He is a phenomenal actor, and we know he will create a truly memorable, never before seen character." Though the film's plot is understandably being kept under lock and key, other previously confirmed co-stars include Ryan Gosling (Are You Afraid of the Dark?) and Ana de Armas (War Dogs) in equally mysterious roles.

Though it's easy to forget, what with the Suicide Squad-ery and all, Leto can really bring it home in the right role. Remember Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life? Maybe not. That was like a thousand years ago. But peep this:

If teen drama isn't exactly your thing, try the hella underrated Mr. Nobody:

Lest we forget, Leto himself (allegedly!) told people 30 Seconds to Mars fans at a camp-like event last weekend that he felt "tricked" into doing Suicide Squad by way of a misleading pitch. But maybe we can all agree to put a pause on the over-hyped method acting headlines this time around?

The as-yet-untitled Blade Runner sequel hits theaters Oct. 6, 2017.