Now that we've had a couple weeks to really mull over the sheer existence of David Ayer's Suicide Squad, the consensus is pretty clear. The film managed to take the box office crown for a second weekend, though competitor Sausage Party floated to record-breaking success on the wave of something Suicide Squad lacked: critical acclaim. Furthermore, Suicide Squad's second-week drop-off was remarkably steep for a movie of its stature and, as fans have noted, its Joker-centered marketing seems peculiar once you've actually seen the movie.

Jared Leto hosted a Camp Mars event over the weekend, described by Yahoo! Movies as a "camp-themed mini-festival" held in Malibu for fans of his band 30 Seconds to Mars. During a Q&A session with attendees, Leto reportedly kept it extremely 💯 about his ongoing frustrations with Suicide Squad and his less-than-enthusiastic feelings regarding certain contractual obligations.

According to fan site Batman News, Leto's response to a contract stipulation requiring him to avoid stuff like rock climbing and other potentially injury-causing activities was, quite astutely, "Fuck 'em!"

A separate report from a Camp Mars attendee added that Leto reportedly got very honest about the Suicide Squad experience, expressing his disappointment with the theatrical cut of the film. According to this account, Leto told fans he feels as though he was "tricked" into being in the movie and was initially pitched something "very different" and "more artistic" than the final product. Furthermore, Leto reportedly told fans the backlash against the film and his portrayal of The Joker has "overwhelmed" him.

Definitely a bummer. But, hey, maybe the presumably-still-happening Suicide Squad 2 can learn a lesson and try its damnedest to more closely resemble something like this: