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About a month ago, we here at Complex Pop Culture found ourselves deep in debate over an important question. Which male celebrity is doing the most to raise awareness about inequality and dismantle the crippling nature of our racist, patriarchal society? In other words: Who is the wokest bae?

We identified 32 men in Hollywood who are enacting change and bettering the world we live in—and looking totally bae while doing it. Now it's your turn to help us decide who should prevail above the rest. Voting for the Final Four is now open, until midnight ET today. Every day for the rest of the week, you'll weigh in on which bae is woker than the other. After the final round on Friday, the wokest bae will finally be crowned.

Obviously, this is all in good fun—wokeness is not a competition. Really, it's more like a call to action, especially in the times we live in. We're only a few days removed from the Republican National Convention, where Donald Trump and co. basically preached about the virtues of inequality while wearing #BlueLivesMatter T-shirts. Being woke isn't some fun hobby—it's a necessity. With that said, let's pick our favorite woke bae. Keep scrolling, do your duty, and vote.