When Saw 3D (a.k.a. Saw: The Final Chapter) made its way to theaters back in 2010, the seventh entry in the storied torture porn series quickly became quite possibly the worst reviewed movie in the franchise's history. But a lot can happen in 6 years, including (apparently) audiences developing the ability to act like that movie never happened.

Lionsgate has finally said yes to "re-launching" the Saw franchise with an eighth trip down torture porn lane, Variety reports. The film, possibly titled Saw: Legacy, is currently slated for an appropriately timed Halloween release next year. A Bloody Disgusting-spotted listing from the Ontario Media Development Corporation shows Peter and Michael Spierig, collectively known as the Spierig Brothers, at the helm of Legacy.

The brotherly duo previously directed Predestination, an adaptation of "—All You Zombies—" starring Ethan Hawke. Unlike the aforementioned Saw 3D, Predestination garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences.

The first Saw marked James Wan's directorial debut, introducing the world to the same auteur who would eventually go on to direct Insidious, Furious 7, and The Conjuring. "There was a lot of baggage I had to take off," Wan told Rolling Stone in 2013 of moving on from the Saw franchise. "That was definitely a concern. I'm extremely thankful for what Saw gave me, but at the same time it really did put me in a box that I just didn't like. I look at who I am and I go, 'That's not me.' I made that film, and I love it, and I made it for a very calculated purpose, which was to get people's attention."

The tentatively titled Saw: Legacy, presumably laden with some fresh baggage of its own, hopes to continue carrying Wan's torch into the next decade starting Oct. 27, 2017.

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