Leonardo DiCaprio was caught prepping for his next big role by the usual spies this week, proving there's simply no stopping a dude with an Oscar. DiCaprio is reportedly giving his performance as Nina Agdal's significant other, a role for which he is apparently employing some unique method acting techniques, a bit more than the old college try.

The former Roseanne star was busted by People and other beach-prone sleuths bestowing some serious PDA upon the popular Danish model as they "lounged in the sand during a romantic day" in Malibu Thursday. Reviews of DiCaprio's performance remain scarce, but sources close to the pair tell People it's all just a "fling." Regardless, the two were spotted doing cinematic things like kissing and relaxing while presumably pondering any number of world crises.

All admittedly lame jokes aside, the rekindling of DiCaprAgdal (?!?) is a story that's at least a few weeks in the making. Last month, the maybe-sorta-kinda couple was spotted at The Crow's Nest in Montauk by TMZ. According to their dedicated spies, dude was "pretty smitten" by Agdal at the time. They even upped the ante by going shopping together.

Kisses. Beaches. Shopping. @Four_Pins inspiration. There's a lot happening in Camp DiCaprAgdal. But what's it all really mean? For matters of introspection, we must again turn to Leo's washed Russian doppelgänger.