Remember this guy? Of course you do. Roman Burtsev, best known stateside as the guy who kinda sorta looks like Leonardo DiCaprio, is back with the next logical step in his own path to megastardom: a Russian vodka commercial. Just so we're all perfectly clear on his Leo look-alike status, the ad even sneaks in an appearance from the Critters 3 star himself:

The ad is for Pyat Ozer vodka, described by a Vodkaphiles commenter as "the third most popular vodka in Russia." The presumably savory beverage is apparently an "incredibly smooth" vodka that's "full of character" and, perhaps best of all, budget-friendly. Reps for DiCaprio did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment, specifically clarification on whether he has ever enjoyed a splash of Pyat Ozer himself.

The Hollywood Reporter-discovered ad is commendably creative, featuring narration that informs the viewer that everything you're seeing is fake. The DiCaprio? Fake. The BMW? Fake. The iPhone? Fake. The woman? Fake. The vodka, however, is purportedly quite real indeed.

The 33-year-old Burtsev, who of course has a certifiably smashing Instagram account, works as an emergency service officer in the Moscow area. However, thanks to sheer DiCaprio-related happenstance, dude has landed everything from viral fame to top placement in a popular reality show.

"This is just a useless piece of metal," Burtsev told of DiCaprio's recent Oscar win for The Revenant. "Leo doesn't have the most important thing, which is a family." Hate it for ya Burtsev, but Leo very clearly disagrees. Just look at this grin of victory:

Get that money, Roman.