It looks like someone went a little too far with the food coloring. McDonald's has announced new red and green burgers as a cross promotion with the upcoming movie Angry Birds and they look about as disgusting as they sound. It's yet another strange fast food trend, like KFC's new edible nail polish or Pizza Hut's beer-infused pizza crust.

McDonald's China is behind the colorful burger, which offers consumers colorful red and green buns that produce a freakish looking sandwich. ​

McDonalds in China releases horrible-looking green burger to tie in with ‘Angry Birds’

— Complex UK (@complex_uk) May 23, 2016

The new buns are only available on two sandwiches. "The Naughty Green Pork Burger" features a pork patty, fried egg, lettuce, jalapenos, and a mystery sauce, according to Mashable. If red is more your style, there's the "Super Red Burger." It's not so much a burger as a double chicken sandwich with Louisiana-style hot sauce, a fried egg, and cheese to boot.

How crazy are these new @McDonalds green and red @AngryBirds burgers:

— Highsnobiety (@highsnobiety) May 22, 2016

There are other more normal menu items like green-tinted ice cream and pomegranate beverages, but leave it to the fast food giant to dream big.

Meanwhile, other countries are sticking with putting toys based on the movie's characters in Happy Meals, which honestly sounds like the way to go.

The Angry Birds have landed!
Visit your nearest McDonald’s, order a Happy Meal and get a free Angry Birds toy!

— McDonald's S. Africa (@McDonalds_SA) May 24, 2016