Katt Williams just got a huge break. The comedian, who’s seen his fair share of arrests and assault charges in recent days, has avoided jail time.

As we previously reported, he and a co-conspirator were arrested for allegedly assaulting and holding his bodyguard hostage. A district attorney in George filed a motion to revoke the bond for that case and on Wednesday, a hearing was held. However, three subpoenaed witnesses were a no-show, forcing the motion to be withdrawn, TMZ reports.

Williams, who was not present for the hearing, was most recently arrested for throwing a salt shaker at a man’s head. This comes after he was arrested for that bizarre fight with a teen and another arrest for punching a pool store employee. His many legal troubles have led to his banishment from a number of public housing developments in Georgia, where he takes up residence.  

It’s unclear how this will affect his other cases.