As we all know, Katt Williams has a way of finding himself in trouble recently. One place he won't be finding himself is inside any public housing developments in the city of Gainesville, Ga. 

TMZ is reporting that the comedian, who is still out on a massive stand-up tour this year, has been banned from setting foot on any of the 14 housing complexes managed by the Gainesville Housing Authority, which manages public housing for low-income families there. The ban apparently stems from that alleged fight that Williams had with a teenage boy there, and Williams will be arrested if he shows up.

It's still not clear exactly what the famous comedian was doing hanging out around teenagers at a public housing complex, anyway. When video of the incident first popped up online, it looked like Williams had sucker-punched the boy before he ultimately lost the short fight. When reporters interviewed the boy, he claimed Williams had taken him aside while playing soccer and told him, "hit me," before sucker punching him. Williams' camp said the footage was edited to make it look like a sucker punch, and that the teenager was actually the one being aggressive toward the 42-year-old man.

There have been a string of bizarre accusations against Williams recently. There were those allegations that he and members of his entourage held five women at gun point in Atlanta and stole their phones, allegations that he punched a worker at a pool store, and allegations that he and Suge Knight beat up a photographer, among other things. In March, he was allegedly jumped at a Beanie Sigel show in Philly.