Katt Williams is making headlines again for another bizarre arrest, with the storied comedian now being accused of a seemingly harrowing act of sodium tossing. Williams was arrested late Wednesday night at a seafood restaurant in Atlanta after allegedly throwing a salt shaker at the manager, according to WSB-TV. The incident, according to East Point authorities, was spurred by Williams' dining guests being "denied preferential seating."

Though Williams ultimately vacated the restaurant, authorities later arrested him at a nearby Waffle House. Williams, who reportedly caused the restaurant manager's lips to bleed with the high sodium act, was charged with battery before being bonded out of a local jail early Thursday morning. The alleged incident, however, is far from the only potential legal issue currently facing Williams.

The comedian was recently hit with a disorderly conduct charge stemming from his fight-like encounter with a 17-year-old, an encounter that ultimately warranted some perplexing (and immediately viral) footage. "These charges stem from the fact that Mr. Williams engaged in this criminal activity in a public place, in front of minors, and used obscene, foul language during the commission of this crime," a Gainesville Police Department spokesperson told People of the charges in March. Following the incident, TMZ claims the Gainesville Housing Authority banned Williams from setting foot anywhere near their 14 housing complexes.

Earlier that month, Williams was accused of holding five women at gunpoint and stealing their phones in Atlanta. Attorney Loletha Hale, speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said Williams and "about 15 members" of his entourage robbed the women while they were still inside their vehicle. "The police should have conducted a thorough investigation," Hale told reporters during a press conference. "They should have retrieved these young ladies' cellphones at the very least."