When Comedy Central announced in January that the minds behind Broad City—Ilana Glazer, Paul W. Downs, and Lucia Aniello—were working on a three-episode miniseries called Time Traveling Bong, the team kept things pretty hush-hush. "No comment," was literally all they said. So yeah, aside from the two-minute short the show is based on (above), details have been pretty scarce.

Glazer has since fleshed out the event series a little more—telling EW that they "want it to be Comedy Central’s O.J."—and from the title, anyone can deduce it's about a piece of weed paraphernalia that has time-traveling properties. But with Time Traveling Bong's premiere date coming up on April 20 (or, 4/20—OBVIOUSLY), we're happy to give you the first look at the show. 

Definitely co-sign Ilana's straight hair here.

Definitely co-signing Paul Downs' (who plays Trey in Broad City) curly hair here. If you're wondering, yes, he did get a perm for this show.

Time Traveling Bong centers on Glazer and Downs as two cousins who, as we mentioned before, are able to travel through time thanks to a special bong. But as with all the time-traveling greats (Back to the FutureBill and Ted's), complications arise when the bong breaks, sending the cousins not back to the present, but instead through the space-time continuum. From the pictures, you can see they're going to visit colonial times and prehistoric times (Ilana killing it in that skirt), but that's only scratching the surface. 

That's all we can say for now. Come back on 4/20 to read everything we learned about Time Traveling Bong while visiting the set, and then tune into Comedy Central as they kick off their three-night event.