Neil deGrasse Tyson has a lot of feelings about a lot of things. When it comes to animal sex, he believes they do not feel pain (but what about ducks, though?). Regarding B.o.B’s tragic belief that the Earth is flat, the level-headed scientist doesn’t even blame him for that nuclear level of ignorance. In fact, he thinks our flawed educational system is at fault.

Not one to stick to purely scientific topics, Tyson has also used to his valuable mind to settle a few fanboy debates like which superhero is better: Batman or Superman. (Spoiler alter: It’s the one with the cape.)

Now, he’s letting his thoughts about our planet be known just in time for Earth Day.  In a series of tweets that will probably show up as pillow quotes on Etsy real soon, he reminds everyone why he’s our favorite science guy next to Bill Nye. He begins by saying, "Feelin’ Earthy today…"



Never one to just leave it at that, Tyson goes on to drop some serious knowledge about the big blue mass of elements we call home.



If this won’t make you appreciate the Earth, there’s no telling what will. 

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