Neil DeGrasse Tyson is going in on B.o.B and his theory that the earth is flat one last time. "As an educator, I don't blame him. I blame his science teachers," Tyson tells TMZ. "I blame the educational system that created a state in which people end up thinking that way." Tyson goes on to say that he's open to educating B.o.B. if the rapper is open to learning.

He also reveals that his rebuttal in the form of a diss track was not his idea. "I went to [my nephew who is a rapper] and said what do I do here? Because I showed him the diss. And he said 'We got to make a diss back at him!'" In case you missed it, Tyson demolished B.o.B with an appearance on The Nightly Show where the famous astrophysicist dropped a series of irrefutable truth bombs before dropping the mic—literally—because gravity.