For many an episodic addict, the best part of being religiously dedicated to a critically acclaimed TV series is the equally critically acclaimed snacks. Game of Thrones, as you surely (hopefully) know by now, made its glorious HBO return on Sunday and brought with it a vast array of fan-hosted viewing parties. Maisie Williams, who recently initiated a very different sort of fan interaction in the form of pranking the hell out of them, decided to celebrate the Thrones return by crashing one of those parties to deliver a much-needed snack refill:

"Any UCLA students having a viewing party tonight?" Williams tweeted ahead of the snack miracle. Williams quickly tracked down some worthy recipients, two film students named Mark and Kate. "We saw (on Twitter) that Mark and Kate had already made Game of Thrones themed snacks and decorated their apartment," Williams explained of her heroic gesture. "But who doesn't love extra popcorn and crisps?"

The party was apparently catching up on Season 5 when Williams dropped by for the quick Thrones miracle, each attendee ultimately "giggling nervously" during a group photo. "I had the most amazing time," Williams said of her impromptu fan throwdown. "Everyone was so welcoming and excited. Thanks to Mark, Kate, and company for having us in your lovely flat. Enjoy the rest of Season 6!"

The best part, of course, was clearly the snacks these fans had already prepared. Just look at these clearly delicious gummies:

Also, dragon egg cookies? Brilliant.

And now all still-in-mourning Mad Men fans must live with the fact that, no, Jon Hamm never crashed any of our equally dedicated viewing parties. You can take this round, Game of Thrones.

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