Is there more Jackass and related jackassery in our near future? Johnny Knoxville, who you can currently see in the delightfully strange Elvis & Nixon, offered us some words of encouragement regarding the most notorious self-injury franchise of all time. The verdict? There's indeed some semblance of hope.

When pressed about the possibility of getting more Jackassery anytime soon by our own Kerensa Cadenas, Knoxville offered a comforting "maybe." Thankfully, the baddest grandpa ever then elaborated:

"We don't have one planned. But I always write ideas when they come up. I have a movie that I'm prepping right now. It's not Jackass but all the stunts are done in the vein of. It's going to be pretty crazy. It's a scripted film with me doing the stunts."

Speaking on the Jackass legacy and its potential impact on the roles he's scored in its wake, it's clear Knoxville isn't really sweating anyone who thinks that legacy is resulting in some typecasting. "You know, if someone has some questions I'll go in and audition for them and answer any questions," Knoxville told us. "Maybe a little of that goes on. I feel pretty lucky to get the roles offered that I get." As for the franchise's continued impact on his body, Knoxville revealed further damage is practically impossible: "It's already destroyed. I can't hurt it!"

Elvis & Nixon finds Knoxville right in the middle of one of the most bizarre presidential relationships in American history, thankfully resulting in a fair share of White House karate fun. Peep the trailer below, then catch it in theaters whilst praying to the gods of vulgarity for more jackassery in the future: