Generally people don't like it when you slip something in their drink. Even rapping about it is a bad idea—just ask Rick Ross. So we're a little surprised that Johnny Knoxville harbors no grudges against the Arizona frat bros who slipped him ecstasy last year. 

Earlier this week the University of Arizona SAE chapter was suspended from all alcohol activities (a hilariously square term for parties). SAE had been limited to one alcohol activity (still funny) per month since the alleged drugging of Knoxville at a Bad Grandpa party last year, but they just received a harsher punishment for hazing and failing to abide by the sanction. 

Now that the fraternity has gotten in (more) trouble Knoxville feels bad. He tweeted this out yesterday in support of the SAE chapter:

U of Arizona please reinstate SAE because I had a ball. #nohardfeelings

— Johnny Knoxville (@realjknoxville) October 16, 2014

It's a nice effort, but the University's beef with the fraternity clearly goes deeper than the one drugging incident. Even if they hadn't made Knoxville roll without his consent, the frat bros would still be in deep shit for "allegations that members provided alcohol to minors and hazed new members between Aug. 20 and Sept. 20."

We guess the lesson here is that you can drug Johnny Knoxville (and not anyone else), but don't do a bunch of stupid shit afterward.


[via Gawker​]