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Pretty soon, you’ll get to bring the electric dysfunction of Empire right into your own bedroom. Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard are about to be immortalized as their much-loved (at times, hated) characters, Cookie and Lucious Lyon.

Tonner-One World revealed on Tuesday that the two would be getting their own line of collector dolls for fans to revel in and imagine their own high-drama scenarios, Entertainment Weekly reports. Pictures of the real thing are not available as of yet but the doll maker did release a few sketches.

Rumor has it the draws will go on sale some time this fall during the show’s third season. No word on whether or not other members of the Lyon clan will be getting their own plastic mini me’s but we’re holding out for the possibility of a Becky (played by Gabourey Sidibe) one. If the company’s alleged two-year licensing deal with Twentieth Century Fox is true, that may very well happen.

"We are thrilled to be designing a collection based on Empire, a show that has redefined fashion on television," designer Robert Tonner said. "Our beautifully-crafted dolls will immortalize the show’s popular characters, fully embracing the exquisite style esthetic the show brings to the small screen."

If we’re going by those drawings, the actual dolls will look just as fierce as their on-screen counterparts.