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The second half of season two of Empire is in full swing, which means fans can look forward to a new soundtrack of original material with cast members as the highlighted acts. Today, we receive another taste of the upcoming project with "Shine on Me," a collaboration from Jussie Smollett (stage name Jamal Lyon) and Bre-Z (Freda Gatz) that is equal parts inspiring and empowering.

"I believe that at every turn in life, whether joyous or challenging, that the sun will shine as long as you stay grounded and strong," Bre-Z told Complex via email. "I feel like that's the base of my life story and it's the reason I am where I am today. Keep pushing, keep the faith, and believe that no matter [what] happens in your day today that the sun will always rise the next day."

Check out "Shine on Me" above and pre-order Empire: Original Soundtrack, Season Two Volume 2 on iTunes here. Also, check in next Wednesday night as Serayah McNeill (Tiana Brown) will be doing a Twitter takeover on @ComplexPop during the new episode of Empire.