When the first trailer for Seth Rogen's inaugural animated film Sausage Party hit us earlier this month, we were finally introduced to just how far Rogen and company were willing to go with talking food. With an almost overwhelmingly stacked cast, the very R-rated Sausage Party appears to be chomping down on hype ahead of its August release. But will that hype equal Pixar-sized box office numbers?

The short answer, according to recent analysis from Variety, is yes. The delightfully filthy comedy, thanks to a massive SXSW co-sign, raced to 20 million views on YouTube and Facebook in less than two weeks. When comparing the movie's current social media traction with a handful of other Rogen films, including The Interview and Neighbors, Variety's Jason Klein notes that Sausage Party is gaining "far more early buzz." In fact, Sausage Party currently boasts a "massive head start" on its potential August competition.

Our own Kristen Yoonsoo Kim caught the rough cut showing at SXSW earlier this month, and astutely summarized the film's antics as follows:

Sausage Party hilariously touches on horror movie themes when all the food items get brutally murdered (i.e. eaten) as well as escape thriller and revenge porn, with a ton of expletives in between. The film stays pretty R-rated throughout, but even after a full movie of crude food, I was not prepared for that climactic final scene.

Sausage Party, conceived in collaboration with Evan Goldberg, brings delicious food and equally delicious filth to American cinemas on Aug. 12.