As if pouring some beer all over American politics wasn't a big enough coup, Seth Rogen is now flexing his masterful joint-rolling skills all over the TL while also making his (obviously awesome) mom quite proud indeed. "Wanna know how to roll a joint?" Rogen tweet-asked earlier this week, presumably prompting thousands of different versions of the answer "Yes." Rogen then shared the following how-to video in the name of generosity:

The greatest co-sign of Rogen's joint-rolling abilities, however, came straight from his mother:

In addition to proving the undeniable power of fam, Sandy Rogen's joint-rolling skills co-sign also serves as simply another in a very long list of reasons why you should most certainly be following her on Twitter. Sadly, she hasn't yet offered her thoughts on one of Rogen's greatest hits, this amazing tale involving 60 grams of shrooms and the equally undeniable power of friendship:

"We’re all throwing ideas in at the last minute, and there is definitely a joint being passed around the room early in the day," Joseph Gordon-Levitt said of his experiences working with Rogen in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last year. "The first day I said like, 'I know how to smoke! I’ve smoked since I was a kid. I can do this!'" Sadly, Gordon-Levitt quickly realized he simply couldn't hang.