Star of the History Channel's Pawn Stars, "Chumlee", who's a well-documented sneakerhead, was arrested in Las Vegas on Wednesday March 9. The 33-year-old, real name Austin L. Russell, was arrested at his home on gun and drug charges. Police reportedly raided his home after Russell was a suspect in a sexual assault case. Per Clark County, Nev. jail records Russell was charged with 19 counts of drug possession. The details of what police found during the raid have been released. Among the items seized were 12 guns, a large amount of marijuana, and meth, in addition to other drugs.

TMZ obtained a police report of Chumlee's arrest. According to the report, police allegedly found one fourth of a pound of marijuana and two clear jars and a bag with other marijuana amounts. Also found were 17 Xanax bars and 7 capsules with 1.7 grams of methamphetamine powder.  

Chumlee reportedly told police he wasn't a drug dealer and that he preferred to buy in bulk because he smokes "a lot of weed."

The police report also reveals cocaine residue was found in a clear plastic bag in addition to a $1 bill with "white residue" TMZ reports. These were found in a so-called "Chum Chum" room where there's a stripper pole. Out of the 12 guns police found 4 were registered under Russell. 

The police report states Russell was being searched because of the previously mentioned sexual assault case. Police reportedly took his bedding and a blood sample from him.