The art of the shout-out, in most instances, is greatly blasphemed by those simply too impulsive to thoroughly and sensitively plan its execution. Should one strike a sympathetic tone in this specific shout-out? What about anger? Are people allowed to give angry shout-outs? Will Ferrell, he of the currently-in-theaters Zoolander 2 and Daddy's Home, decided to answer these pressing societal concerns on Wednesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers by proceeding to give a shout-out to almost everyone who has either greatly assisted or severely wronged him in the past.

"You know what you did, you son of a bitch," Ferrell said during a particularly touching shout-out to his agent. "I was DiCaprio and you were the bear!" For what it's worth, his agent did callously get Ferrell to buy him lunch and then ruthlessly decided to forget to pay him back. "Get in the zone," Ferrell continued, referencing his dear friends over at an AutoZone in Chicago. "AutoZone." Wow. Touching.

However, Ferrell reserved his most impassioned shout-out artfulness for his dear friend sworn enemy Richard Dreyfuss. Or is it Richard Gere? "He's going to need a bigger boat," Ferrell tells Seth Meyers, who is clearly touched by his friend's empathy, "to escape my drones."

Shout out to Will Ferrell.