Being partially bearded in an otherwise decisive beard society is, without a doubt, a remarkably difficult way to exist. Will Forte, he of the supremely underrated The Last Man on Earth, decided to test this obvious fact earlier this year to the chagrin and/or general joy of anyone he happened to encounter:

Jason Sudeikis, a fully bearded individual tasked with accompanying a half-bearded Forte in public, has finally opened up about the undeniable difficulties of his friend and Last Man co-star's symmetrical struggles. "So that looks Photoshopped, right?" Sudeikis proposed during an interview with Seth Meyers on Monday. "He really did it." According to Sudeikis, Forte wasn't fully convinced he should also "lose the eyebrow" until Sudeikis helped him realize the loss of an eyebrow was essential to the success of the aesthetic.

Without shedding a single tear, Sudeikis recounts the spiritual journey prompted by Forte's bizarrely intriguing half-beard and its potential impact on the future of American society. "It's almost like the show gives him a little more license to do crazy stuff like this," Sudeikis added somberly. "I'm hoping this catches on."

Good news, guys. It already has:

So profound.