We're just three days away from the Oscars, during which we can expect second-time host Chris Rock to go all in. For the second year in a row #OscarsSoWhite has dominated the conversation, with zero black actors nominated in the major categories. Many have called for Rock to boycott his gig, but staying on puts him in the best position to make a statement. The Academy wouldn't dare censor him—imagine the PR nightmare—so he'll have carte blanche to lambaste the great white sea. Legendary talk show host Dick Cavett even egged on Chris Rock to be unafraid of offending in an essay for The Hollywood Reporter. And though he's remained mum on his plans, he's reportedly been testing out new material in L.A. comedy clubs. Anything less than scathing hilarity would be a letdown. So, while we know that Rock is going to get a W for the Academy Awards, we're not so sure what else will be winning big. 

There's also some hardware to hand out, and the Complex Pop Squad has many feelings about said awards. To prepare you for the big white night, here are our arguments for who should win the 88th Academy Awards.