The filmmakers behind Netflix’s insanely popular docu-series Making a Murderer aren’t ready to let go of the story just yet. The true-crime saga raised a number of questions about Steven Avery’s convictions after he was acquitted of rape (which he spent 18 years in prison for) only to be back behind bars a few years later for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos revealed that they have been in contact with Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, about the possibly filming more episodes, Variety reports. They also said they’ve continued to record their conversations with him.

"From our perspective this story is obviously not over," Ricciardi said during a Stranger Than Fiction panel discussion. "It’s real life and (Avery and Brendan Dassey’s) cases are both still pending. We have no idea when the magistrate will make a decision in Brendan’s case." Dassey, Avery’s then teen nephew, was convicted for helping with the murder.

"We do know that two potential outcomes are that the judge could order Brendan’s release or he could order a new trial. So we are on the edge of seats about that. To the extent that there are significant developments, we would like to continue documenting this (case)." Complicating things is Dassey’s accusation that Avery molested him, which Avery denies.

As far as filming, returning to Wisconsin might be easier said than done given the negative portrayal of local authorities in the series. "There is a lot of hostility toward these two women (Ricciardi and Demos) in Wisconsin. The theory is that have played Wisconsin unfairly. But among those people who think and are a little more educated and thoughtful about these sorts of issues, there is appreciation," Stephen M. Glynn, Avery’s civil attorney, said.