While we were just happy that Saturday Night Live gave us one sketch with Larry David and Bernie Sanders together, a subsequent bit that had David playing the presidential hopeful was one of the greatest things SNL has done in some time. 

The sketch, called "Bern Your Enthusiasm," takes so much of the anxiety and Jewish humor (the roundabout debate over 2% milk, as an example) that made up David's popular HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and uses it to address some of the obstacles Sanders has been facing on his campaign trail as of late. 

At the beginning we see David as Sanders attending a campaign event in Iowa. He stumbles upon a black family, all decked out in Bernie shirts, and refuses to shake a woman's hand after he catches her coughing in it. While he's clearly a hyper anxious germaphobe, the bit is referencing Sanders's struggle to bring in black voters.

All in good taste, "Bern Your Enthusiasm" also made fun of the way Sanders repeats things over and over again and his loud, unforgettable voice, and Brooklyn accent. Standouts include Cecily Strong as a militant campaign worker and Leslie Jones as the poor soul who just wanted to shake Sanders's hand. Oh, Aidy Bryant has a funny bit as well.

Watch the entire video above.