His days as a Saturday Night Live cast member may be long behind him, but Jason Sudeikis still wants to prove to former SNL head writer Seth Meyers that his “Juggling Flyer” sketch was totally deserving of a spot on the show.

It’s a commitment at 11 and a half minutes long, but it’s actually pretty funny. Sudeikis is tremendous as the titular character, an overbearing and pretty aggressive juggling instructor. He’s also complemented well by John Lutz, whom many will fondly remember from his days on 30 Rock.

Things really start to get good towards the end, as things break down and lines start getting forgotten. The improve between Lutz and Sudeikis is great, and fortunately we get the happy ending we so richly deserve.

In the end, though, it’s kind of easy to see why this one was left on the SNL cutting room floor.

[via UPROXX]