Though we're still just five months into mourning the loss of Key & Peele, the inimitable duo's glorious cat-centered transition to the very big screen now has a proper red band trailer to alleviate all those well-earned tears. With the presumably R-rated KeanuKeegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are tasked with tracking down and promptly rescuing this admittedly adorable cat:

Visionary indeed.

For what it's worth, Key and Peele's treacherous path toward rescuing a kidnapped cat who just so happens to share a name with one of the greatest actors of our time could have easily been avoided altogether by simply realizing one very important fact of life: dogs > cats.

At any rate, Key and Peele are joined by Will Forte, Method Man, and Gabrielle Union for what might very well become the comedy of the year. Keanu, adding another interesting wrinkle to the cats v dogs debate, pounces into theaters on April 29.