Somewhere, just like Leonardo Di Caprio or Harry Styles, your doppelganger is waiting for you. They might be halfway across the world or down the street or, like this man's, randomly seated next to you on a flight to Ireland. Neil Thomas Douglas (right) was sitting on an airplane when he looked to his left and realized his twin was sitting right next to him, writes the Daily Edge.

What are the odds? When they arrived in Ireland, things got even weirder. It turns out that both strawberry-blond, bearded men also enjoy beer. Crazy, right?

In the second photo it's clear that one man (Douglas or the other guy? It's impossible to tell...) is significantly taller than the other. There's also a slight difference in the cheeks, the shape of the nose, and the curve of the eyebrows. Despite the few discrepancies, you have to admit that the resemblance is pretty spot-on.