As the young philosopher Makonnen once said, don't let them start the rumor. However, that's exactly what's cooking over at Hollywood Life with this most recent batch of Brad Pitt claims. Pitt, who is obviously married to the inimitable Angelina Jolie, has reportedly kicked up cheating rumors thanks to a (super alleged) hang session and a few 'grams featuring Selena Gomez.

"All the rumors about Brad and Selena made [Angelina Jolie] insane with jealousy," a remarkably unnamed source tells Star, as quoted by the aforementioned (and quite esteemed) Hollywood Life. According to this same source, or some other source (kind of hard to tell given their penchant for namelessness), the relationship between Pitt and Jolie has been further "crumbled" by this alleged Pitt activity and some equally alleged Jolie activity.

Selena Gomez, of course, makes a nice cameo in (spoiler alert?) Brad Pitt's awards-gathering The Big Short. To once again summon the wisdom of that previously mentioned Makonnen gospel, that's pretty obviously all there is to this would-be love triangle: a simple cameo in a (pretty great) movie. For a far more interesting study of the nuances of relationships, maybe peep By the Sea.