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Because sometimes society actually gets the television miracles it deserves, The X-Files will make its glorious return to the small screen in less than two weeks. The six-episode event series, which promises a few mythology boosters and some stand-alone episodes, will once again bring together the undeniable power of the underrated investigative duo known as Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).

However, as the revival's Jan. 24 premiere date draws near, a bunch of people can't stop thinking about the possibility of Scully and Mulder taking their close business relationship to the next level in the form of human contact because, presumably, a lot of people don't understand the pretty basic concept of platonic relationships. (?)

Sensing society's frustrations, Jimmy Kimmel decided to slide into an FBI-approved suit of his own in an effort to convince Scully and Mulder to maybe consider having a bit of sex. Kimmel, fittingly enough, also uses his few minutes of X-Files universe time to remind the agents (and the general public) that the '90s are indeed quite over.

RIP, the '90s. Long live Scully and Mulder.