Remember that time HBO inked a potentially groundbreaking five-year deal with Sesame Street? You should. That only happened a few months ago. Large portions of society wasted little time imagining a more HBO-ified version of the Street crew, mostly centered on the addition of general profanity sentence enhancers and other adult tomfoolery.

Jimmy Kimmel, in a fitting follow-up to his previous Game of Thrones mashup, how now delivered what any decent HBO partnership should always warrant: a True Detective-inspired reinvention. After all, nothing is more depressingly existential than Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird trading classic lines from the show's first (best) season.

As for the actual True Detective, the fate of the series' assumed third season still remains relatively uncertain. However, HBO's President of Programming recently took the fall for the less-than-stellar second season. "I take the blame," Michael Lombardo told The Frame earlier this week. "I became too much of a network executive at that point." Indeed. Pay close attention to Kimmel's take on True Detective, Lombardo. Take some notes and meet us back here in two years with the True Detective we deserve.