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The X-Files, the iconic TV series that generously gifted the universe with nine stacked seasons and inspired the name of at least one late-90s alt rock band, is returning to its old stomping grounds in January with a six-episode event series. David Duchovny, fresh off his debut album Hell or Highwater, will reunite with recent The Fall star Gillian Anderson to revive the FBI activities of esteemed special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. This is not new information. What is new, however, is the satisfyingly extensive 21-minute deep dive into the X-Files revival shared by Fox on Monday.

"We want to satisfy the mythology of it," Duchovny says in the extensive collection of behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews, "and then there’s going to be stand-alones and of those stand-alones there’s going to be one that’s funnier than the others." The revival series, which includes six new episodes, will apparently aim to please both newcomers and hardened X-Files heads alike. EW reports that the six-episode event series will also see appearances by recently dethroned Talk Soup host Joel McHale, Lauren AmbroseKumail Nanjiani, and the glorious return of one Cigarette Smoking Man.

Absorb this hype, then calmly prepare yourself for The X-Files' better-be-great revival on Jan. 24.