Last week, word broke that M. Night Shyamalan was bringing the classic '90s horror anthology series Tales From the Crypt to TNT. The world was excited for it (because obviously), but then caught a potentially wicked gut punch with word that the iconic host, The Crypt Keeper, wouldn't be a part of the series. While it's understandable that he'd go this route (aka HBO owns the rights to the character), it ends up making this new remake possibly worst than the last Tales From the Crypt-related venture, the intriguing Saturday morning animated series Tales From the Cryptkeeper.

That's right, there was a very toned-down version of Tales made for kids on television. And judging by the super-cheesy "scary" take from the intro, it ended up just as you'd expected it. It's one of those odd things where they had to take out all of the gore-y bits (and practically all of the violence), and they even reportedly brought in a child psychologist who had the arduous task of making sure these cartoons were fit for kid consumption.

On the plus side, John Kassir (aka the original voice of The Crypt Keeper) voiced this show's Cryptkeeper, who was basically an animated version of the HBO show's host. And truth be told, the show wasn't that bad. The main problem is that they tried to take a show that wasn't made for kids a kid's show, and in doing so, they had to strip everything from the show that made it a hit. You almost wish they'd just come up with a similar idea, instead of having to turn this into a meh G-rated frightfest.

Don't believe us? Just check out this episode about the most fucked up fishing trip ever, "Gone Fishing."

You have to applaud the Tales From the Crypt-lite ending of the story, but c'mon. They could've called this The Twilight Zone and had similar effect. Leave the shit made for adults to the adults, or just don't remake it at all.