Jason Burke: It has finally arrived. The long-awaited showdown of Jason Burke's comedic opinions versus Jonah Bayer's comedic opinion. Two widely popular writers who have never met in real life, and may actually have very little in common, face-off. Who will go harder?

Well, what Jonah doesn't know is that I once impromptu (accidentally) opened for (was on stage when he arrived and promptly had to get off) Kevin Hart, so I have a littttttle more of an inside scoop on this battle of comedic juggernauts. So yeah, my opinions carry a little more weight and should be held in a much higher regard. With that said, Dave Chappelle is the best comedian of all time and Kevin Hart is not. With THAT said, Kevin Hart is a wonderful man who consistently goes harder, is very funny and talented, and I respect the hell out of him. Top that, Bayer.

Jonah Bayer: Wow, didn’t realize that this was a competition between the writers. Very impressed that Jason Burke sort of opened for Kevin Hart. I was actually at a party once and Dave Chappelle walked past me so I feel like I have the same kind of frontline access to this world as well. I may have even awkwardly stepped on Chappelle’s foot or something, it’s kind of hard to remember. 

It’s impossible to deny Chappelle’s legendary status and there’s no question that he’s one of the most respected and accomplished comedians of our generation. That said, Hart has steadily built his own comedy empire that includes massive tours, a gig hosting Saturday Night Live, and films that may not gain tons of acclaim but make up for that at the box office. In other words, Hart is a juggernaut and hard-working badass in his own right who seems as if in many ways he’s just getting started.