It's not your imagination: you really are seeing Kevin Hart everywhere.

In just 12 years, the diminutive comedy tornado from Philly has appeared in 35 movies, including 28 that played in U.S. theaters, and another seven that went straight to DVD or screened overseas. They range from starring vehicles like his stand-up films and The Wedding Ringer, to tiny cameos in productions like Drillbit Taylor and Along Came Polly, to large roles in obscure movies you've never heard of.

He's played characters named Trey, Tree, Ben, Bernie, Barry, Dante, Cleavon, and Nashawn. Five of his movies have "movie" in the title (Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, Epic Movie, Extreme Movie, and Superhero Movie), and three of them have the number five in the title (Top Five, The Five-Year-Engagement, and 35 and Counting). He's played many fictional characters who are basically exaggerated versions of his real-life persona, while the one time he did play "himself"—This Is the End—the character was nothing like Hart.

There's not much you can say that applies to all of Kevin Hart's movie performances. His characters are mostly funny, and many times he's made unforgettable appearances in movies that are otherwise not very good. But this is not always the case. It would be a stretch to say he plays a variety of characters because it's that familiar Kevin Hart brand of hyperactive boasting (often followed by hilarious cowering) that fans love. 

Here are all of Kevin Hart's on-screen appearances, from the he-should-be-embarrassed worst to the he-should-be-proud best.