The year is 2015. Society as we know it has progressed to the point of near technological utopia, with everyone from toddlers to senior citizens armed with iPhones and limitless information. Autonomous cars are realistically being discussed. Star Wars is good great again. What a time. However, way too many people are still falling for laughably obvious Facebook hoaxes. For the latest batch of dumbness, we have this little lottery gem:

Facebook / NBC News

Embarrassingly fake, right? Sadly, you probably have someone in your immediate fam who has shared or even participated in this blatant tomfoolery. Though such a thing shouldn't need an official confirmation of its own bullshit status, NBC News generously offered exactly that. The hoax, however, somehow persisted over the holidays alongside some equally bullshit-esque cosigns from ABC News.

In summary, please stop. Please. The utopia that awaits us all begs you to please stop.