If you ever wondered what it’s like to interview Donald Trump for a job, Jimmy Fallon has got you covered. The late night host put the Republican hopeful in the hot seat during a segment for The Tonight Show and Trump was actually super delusional chill during the exchange.  

When asked what his strengths were, the presidential hopeful went as far as to declare himself a "people" person. “I really can bring people together,” he said. “A lot of people would say it’s the exact opposite but I really unifyI bring people together. I’ve always gotten along with people. I’ll get along with Democrats, with Republicans, with liberals, with conservatives.” Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders says otherwise.

To be fair, Trump does actually bring people together. A group of white supremacists are calling Iowans and telling them to vote for the yellow-haired businessman because they "don’t need Muslims," and his rallies often feature like-minded citizens banning together to hurl violent rhetoric toward protestors in the name of “making America great again.” So there’s that.

Watch the full interview in the video above and check here to see if what he says adds up.