Donald Trump is petty. He's not above criticizing Hillary Clinton's bowel movements or using her husband's extramarital activities against her so asking security to keep a protester's jacket before kicking him out into the freezing cold is just another level of inhumanity. Trump's latest childish act at a rally is one of the more tame—for Trump, that is—considering his security team has previously hit a protester in the face over a "Make America Racist Again" banner. 

As we know, Trump doesn't take criticism well previously saying a protesting black lives matter activist should've been "roughed up" at his rally (Read: beaten up or burned alive. Take your pick.) Trump’s bullying (caught on video above) went down at a rally in Vermont, home state to opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders reports Esquire. Trump was in the middle of a speech when a heckler is heard screaming in the video stopping the speech as Trump tells security to kick him out. Not satisfied with getting rid of him he tells security "Confiscate his coat" while reminding everyone just how cruel he was being. Here's exactly what he said: