Late last year disgusting rapist cop Daniel Holtzclaw was arrested and charged for raping eight black women. Not only did he cry in court, but shortly after his sentence he filed to have another trial, which I guess makes sense considering his sentence, given last week, is 263 years long. Now something strange has happened. Holtzclaw's file has completely disappeared from Oklahoma DOC's online log. 

Holtzclaw, a 29-year-old ex-cop, was convicted by a jury of 18 different sex crimes, which includes four counts of first-degree rape. He was working in northeast Oklahoma City, a poor neighborhood that—considering his position of power—allowed him to take advantage of his victims, all black. 

The files contain Holtzclaw's mug shot, his charges, and his location. Because these files are unavailable it's difficult to say exactly where Holtzclaw is now. According to the NY Daily News, he was last seen at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center for intake this past Tuesday. Officials from Oklahoma won't give out anymore information though.

"We are not going to comment," Terri Watkins, a DOC spokesperson told news channel KFOR-TV. "It is a matter of security." Watkins also asserts that Holtzclaw has not left custody. 

Certainly more information on why these documents disappeared will come to the surface soon.