It's normal to get a little nervous when a police officer pulls you over. Sometimes you want to ramble, sometimes you want to fight your way out of a ticket, and other times you just want to snort a bit of cocaine right in front of the officer in question. 

It was just another Seattle night when a cop, Officer Nic Abst-Olsen, pulled over a 73-year-old man. The guy had forgotten to turn on his lights—a pretty harmless, common offense, right? Well that's how it started. The dude had a clean record so the merciful Abst-Olsen was prepared to let him go with a warning. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Abst-Olsen saw the man scoop into a little vial of white powder and once again approached his window. The man was startled and spilled the coke all over his car. At this point most of us would have started to cry and beg, but rather than come clean he decided to lie, claiming that the drugs were actually vitamins. Have you ever seen white powder vitamins in a glass vial? Me neither.

It was then that Abst-Olsen arrested the guy, who, again, is from Seattle and not anywhere in Florida.