Apparently in Miami the cops don't screw around when it comes to cocaine. Maybe they're still mad about Scarface  and Cocaine Cowboys making their city look bad or something, but this University of Miami student obviously picked the wrong officers to mess with.

The student, Jonathan Harrington, thought it would be funny to leave some chopped up lines of powdered sugar, a rolled up dollar bill and some while pills (aspirin) sitting out in his dorm room before an inspection. 

According to the Miami New Times, students at the university know in advance when an inspection is coming so they have plenty of time to hide their stuff. 

But when the inspectors arrived and saw the "drugs," Harrington was arrested on felony cocaine possession charges. He now faces up to five years in prison. 

Harrington's roommate confirmed to the New Times that the "cocaine" was actually powdered sugar, and a police report noted that the pills were merely aspirin. Harrington could be kicked out of school, but administrators have put that on hold until things are sorted out.

The police department told the newspaper that "the powder has been sent to a lab but could take up to two months to process."

So was this prank totally worth it or what? Maybe if it was just a little funnier.