Finally, when someone asks you "What's your favorite TV show that's all about handjobs?" — you'll be able to give an answer aside from "True Detective Season Three, but that's just a theory." In The Handjob Competition, contestants are asked to do exactly what you think — race to the immediately regrettable finish line while directly facing their opponent without, I don't know, high-fiving? All of this is profoundly difficult to explain within the context of a game show, so just watch the video above.

The storied history of the handjob (see also: "hand job" because colloquialism is crazy) is basically a narrative centered on the act's unfortunate though universally agreed upon term of identification. At the risk of cribbing from practically every stand-up comedian since the 1970s or so, anything with the word "job" in its title is likely to be ignored or completely avoided altogether. Hopefully, The Handjob Competition will spawn a much-needed global discussion surrounding the grave necessity for a name change.

At the very least, handjobs will be all over TV thus spawning a potential handjob revolution of sorts — though most definitely not here in the States.