Stephen Colbert is no fan of Donald Trump, that honey-glazed tiger testicle of a man, but he's willing to give credit where credit is due. On The Late Show last night, Colbert admitted that Trump might have a point in calling out Ben Carson. Last month, Carson said that when he was a teenager he tried to stab a friend for changing the radio station. Luckily Carson's knife hit the friend's belt buckle, snapping the blade of two in a miraculous act of God.

As part of his crazed 95-minute speech in Iowa Thursday night, Trump claimed he didn't believe a word of Carson's story. He went as far as to reenact the belt-stabbing incident on stage saying, "I have a belt. If somebody hits me with a knife it's going in because the belt moves this way and this way and this way." In a truly spectacular piece of performance art Trump adjusted his own belt buckle with each "this way," leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that Carson's story is made up.

But despite Trump's live demonstration, Colbert isn't sure who to believe. "I really hate to say this, but Donald Trump actually has a good point," he said. "Would a belt buckle really break a knife like Ben Carson says it did? Or would it provide no protection like Trump claims?" To solve the dilemma, Colbert called upon the "only organization in America with the resources to answer that question," the Mythbusters. "Because if Ben Carson did not actually try to stab a teenager, how can we take him seriously as a presidential candidate?" Adam, Jamie, now is not the time for retirement—your country needs you.