Jimmy Fallon has long been a notorious partier, blessing nearly all of New York City with stories about drinking with the jocular comedian. But after his third injury in the span of four months, NBC is reportedly concerned that Fallon's drinking has become excessive. An industry insider told the New York Post, "It’s gone from being a whisper to a chatter." 

On Oct. 24 Fallon fell at a Harvard ceremony and sliced his hand on a bottle of Jägermeister he'd been holding. Back in June he had another spill, catching his ring on a coffee table and nearly ripping his finger off. He had to cancel several episodes of The Tonight Show to undergo a six-hour surgery and spend ten days in the ICU. And during his recovery he chipped his tooth while trying to open a jar of scar-tissue-repair gel. 

The stakes are immensely high for Fallon, the current king of late night television. And once source told the New York Post Fallon turns to drinking to handle the stress. The problem, it seems, is that that drinking could potentially threaten his ability to do his job.

Even though it was said fondly, it's hard not to be concerned when a bartender who's known Fallon for years describes him as "a mess."