The world learned what "ring avulsion" is and collectively got grossed out when Jimmy Fallon almost lost one of his fingers in a horrific ring-related accident. But he's Jimmy Fallon, and he needs all 10 of those babies, so doctors gave him a funny-looking bandage and the talk show host is now his way toward recovery. Except for one minor detour: in trying to open a tube of medicine for his scars, Fallon straight-up chipped his tooth.

We don't yet know the logistics of this mishap. (Did the tube cap come flying off and ricochet off his pearly whites? Was he using his teeth to open it? Is the cap made of titanium?) What we do know is Fallon posted this uncomfortable-looking selfie on Instagram tonight, and his tooth does indeed look chipped. He also looks kind of like he's afraid that his phone is gonna fall on his face in the dentist's chair, and chip another one of those babies. (He needs all of them!!)

Sources tell the Hollywood Reporter this chipped tooth won't interfere with production. Thank goodness. Get well soon, Jimmy.

[via the Hollywood Reporter]